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How Award Beneftis for Winning Designers 2023

Beneftis for Winning Designers


A unique public relations campaign will be made for the How Design Award winners. Your work and your details will be communicated to thousands of press contacts, and also we will prepare a media kit for you. You can use this professionally prepared media kit to contact local press contacts. The winning design and the designer or the design studio will also be featured in the design annual and yearbook which is distributed by Design PR Wire to key figures in the design industry such as high-profile editors, press members and multi-national companies.

Winners receive the following:

• Extensive PR Campaign
• Award Trophy
• Winners' Certificate
• Winners Badges 
• Competition Logo 
• Participants' Certificate

• Competition Statistics
• Score Sheet
• Yearbook Publication
• Gala-Night Invitation 
• The Annual Yearbook
• Physical Exhibition of Selected Projects

• Feedback Notes by the Jury*
• Award  Winner Services
• Inclusion in Designer Rankings 
• Proof of Creation Document 
• Award Winners' Manual 
• Marketing and Consultancy 


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